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This is an authentication without certificate.


Please allow up to 72 hours for the response.  

The 72 hours does not include holidays and weekends.


Please send the following information to after checkout.


  • eBay Auction Number or website Item Number
  • eBay Link or Website Link
  • eBay Buyer ID (only for eBay)
  • eBay Seller: ID (only for eBay)
  • required pictures (see “Pictures” page) and email to us via JPG attachments
  • Alternative E-Mail Address for us to contact you
  • Email detailed pictures, eBay link, or website link to: and include your PayPal name/email address.


If we have to refund you, we retain the PayPal / credit card transaction fee.


Our opinion will be sent to you via email only.  If you do not receive our email within 72 hours (unless it is a weekend or holiday), check your SPAM or JUNK email.  It is not our responsibility if your computer is rejecting our emails.

Email Authentication

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